Review Requests/Blog Tours/Guidelines

Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting

Its all about the books to me! That’s why I’m opening up my blog space to reviews.

I will always lean towards romance, and I will rarely accept a book that doesn’t contain any at all. I’ll happily admit that I love books that are intended for an adult audience, nothing can make me blush. The only genres that will not be accepted are: Religious, sci-fi, fantasy (without a cracking love story in the overall plot!).

I’m not here to bash authors, only to provide an honest review of your work in my opinion. I’m an author myself and sometimes you just fail to connect with a writing style or a plot. If that happens I will contact you to let you know that it just wasn’t for me in the most respectful manor possible, I will not go into detail or enter into a debate with you. On a positive note I usually have a good eye for what ‘floats my boat’ and my DNF pile contains two books out of twenty-five years of reading.

I will rate your book based on the following:

The plot

My connection to your characters

Writing style


Cover art

I will post reviews on:


This blog (Links to the reviews will be shared on Twitter and Facebook)

I will also consider requests to post elsewhere.

What you can expect from me:

1. If I accept your book for review you will receive an e-mail from myself telling you so. If you request a review and do not receive a response within four days then you can safely say that I don’t think it’s for me. Please do not submit another request. You’re simply wasting your own time.

2. Within the e-mail I will state the date in which I think your book will be completed, reviewed and posted by and ask you to confirm that the timeframe is acceptable. If the review is part of a tour and it’s required by a certain date I need to know that from the beginning. This date is also subject to change considering I hold down a full time job, have two kids and I write too.

3. I will provide you with the blog link as soon as the review goes live and endeavour to post up my review on the aforementioned sites within seven days of the blog post.

4. All of my reviews will be honest and in my own words. I will never except any money for a review. I will not be bullied into giving 5 star reviews.

5. I’m currently only taking on a book every month until I can figure out what will suit my schedule best but I will try to accommodate blog tours as best as I can.

6. I will never share your work with another soul. Any files that are sent to me will be safe in my hands. I have suffered the wrath of file sharing and I never want to see that happen to any other author.

What I need from you

I need to be provided with a physical book, PDF or mobi copy, I cannot accept any other format.

If I accept your book I will need you to provide me with all of the links you’d like me to share and a bio. Otherwise I will share the review as is without them.

Having read all the above, if you would like me to review your book please feel free to e-mail me at



2 thoughts on “Review Requests/Blog Tours/Guidelines

  1. I am also an author, though only a recent one and published my book with Amazon on the 6th August. I wondered if you would consider doing an author blog post, though I am reluctant to send my book out to people now after finding what I thought was an illegal copy, but instead linked to malware. Please see the details for the book below if you are at all interested.

    Title: Unconventional Desires: A diary of discovery… Domination, Submission, Sadism and Masochism
    Author: Victoria Louise Sadler.
    Category: Contemporary Romance
    Publisher: Victoria Louise Sadler
    ASIN: B00MHZ0Q9Q
    Edition: Kindle Edition Only
    Page Length: 295 pages
    Release Date: 6th August 2014
    Purchase link:
    Authors Facebook page:

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