Happy New Year and ***REVIEW*** The Beginning of Loss by Nancy Adams

Happy New Year to you all! We’re almost two weeks into 2018 and let me tell you, it’s been bad luck from the beginning for me. Whilst it hasn’t been the best start for a plethora of reasons I’m looking at the positives. I added over 3k to my current WIP and I’ve set a New Year’s resolution to write 5k per month which is an achievable amount in my books. I also plan on reading and reviewing at least one book per month. I’ve read two full length novels already, but the first one I read left me with almost nothing to say by the end. I wanted a book to make me feel something. I called out for people to submit for review and had no submissions! So, I had a little scoot around on Amazon and found The Beginning of Loss by Nancy Adams, it’s the first book in the series of Billionaire Romance novels. Read on for my review!



Nineteen year old medical student Claire Prior finds her heart torn by her affair with billionaire Sam Burgess. Sam, meanwhile, struggles with his own emotions as he watches his terminally ill wife slip slowly away. Can their love survive beyond the deceit that it was born out of? Or will they succumb to the barriers standing between them?

At the same, on the other side of the world, Jules Lee travels to a small Colombian village hoping to be reunited with the love he hasn’t seen for fifteen years, Juliette. However, dark shadows from their past threaten to ruin everything before Jules has even had a chance to be with her.

These two seemingly unconnected tales of love and the things we must endure to survive it, begin the foundations for a story that will span over a decade and entwine the fates of each of the characters as they experience life after love.


When I was looking for a book to read I wanted something to make me feel something…anything! This title didn’t disappoint me in the least. The writers prose is excellent with an almost poetic quality.

The blurb and the fact the book has a billionaire male and a young girl almost put me off, but the unusual story line grabbed me. This writer has serious guts to have placed her male protagonist in a position where he is having a sexual relationship with a young girl whilst his wife lay dying and yet possesses the skill to make the reader buy into the relationship from the off. The only way I can describe the way it made me feel is like finding out my best friend is having an affair, I feel a little bit guilty inside for her husband but ultimately I’m on her side. It’s weird! So, yes, I felt somewhat conflicted from the beginning, but, I believe that’s what the author intended, who doesn’t love a secret? That’s what I felt I was in on, but I was cheering for all of them? I’m giving myself whiplash even writing about it!

Claire is volunteering at a local hospital during summer break and strikes a rapport with Marya, terminally ill wife of Sam Burgess who is a reclusive billionaire and tech genius. As Marya’s illness progresses Sam and Claire begin spending more and more time together and exchange the finer details of their disastrous early lives which bring them together.

Another story is included in this novel. It’s the tale of Juliette and Jules, a couple that have been torn apart and brought back together after many years apart. The author alludes that the two stories are connected, however, there is no clear reason as to why in book one which I did find a little annoying. Additionally, I didn’t connect with Juliette at all. I found her to be awful in an ungrateful sort of way. I failed to find any redeeming qualities in her at all. Whilst I didn’t enjoy the storyline of J and J as much as I did the aforementioned, it will be interesting to see how the author connects the two tales.

The cover above is not the same as the one on Amazon, but they’re both great covers and helps to give insight to what the book is about which is important to me both as a reader and a writer.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something a little different to the norm and with a storyline that will completely conflict you. I applaud the author for being so brave, I really loved that! The writing is gorgeous, too. For these reasons I award The Beginning of Loss:

Four-half-stars for Brent Weeks.png



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