***REVIEW*** Food Lust and Two-Way Glass by JD Lexx (Crimson Confessions)

Before I got settled into my latest read I thought I’d better write the reviews that these two books deserve. I read them very quickly in close succession and life got in the way of me posting the reviews immediately.


I wasn’t really sure what this book would do for me going into it. I’m married to a head chef that has won more culinary competitions that my walls can stand the weight of. Having said that, I’m not really a ‘foodie’. I used to be, but after years of never making the grade in the kitchen, I gave up. Who wouldn’t? Okay, I probably wouldn’t have if Chef Marco had been my teacher.

Jessica is a tragic singleton who is forced to attend a stuffy social gathering with a friend. The audiences appetites are whet for more than just the food. Every woman is vying for the attention of the gorgeous Italian chef, Marco. They are practically tripping over themselves to be his sous chef for the evening.

Jessica decides that the snooty soiree isn’t for her and makes to leave. Chef Marco selects her to be his sous chef before she manages to escape.

The banter and electric flirtation between the two sends sparks flying off the page and leaves you in a giggly, excited mess. When the evening comes to an end you’ll be left hungry for more…no, starving.


Jessica had given Marco a fake name, and I’m guessing she was living to regret that when she became throughly infatuated with the man that she’d spent the evening behind the kitchen counter with. She has a second chance when a raffle for a private evening with the celebrity chef himself is announced. Jessica greedily hoards tickets for the event and silently prays that her ship will come in. Of course, it does…

This part of the book is what truly made me sit up straight. I’m not that fond of sharp implements, I have a tendency to cut myself by even looking at a knife. Also, I have a horrific ‘fingers being chopped off’ phobia. But, excuse my language, Christ Almighty! When he cut her bra off with a kitchen knife I almost wanted to go to the kitchen and have a go on myself.

The clever playfulness and the smooth, seamless effect of the writing is also something that shouldn’t go without being mentioned. JD Lexx is truly a master of his craft.

However, the plot thickens. Jessica didn’t win that raffle prize after all. Chef Marco had spent time and effort to track her down. There’s nothing more of a turn on than a man who’s willing to go after what he wants…

Food Lust – an easy five strawberries


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This is the only book of Mr. Lexx’s that I have read written from a male point of view. If you’re looking for romance then this isn’t the book for you, but, you would be missing out if you decided to give it a miss.

This book, in my humble opinion, is a testosterone fuelled game of sexual gratification with the most inspiring and erotic scenes I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.

The game begins when big city lawyer, Morgan Parker, gets the promotion he’s worked hard for, he moves to his new office on the upper floor of the building. There lies, in the rival law firms office across the way, a mind-blowing and beautiful distraction. Sirena. Let the games begin…


An immensely erotic and voyeuristic game of one-upmanship begins between the two, and Morgan becomes obsessed with beating his beautiful rival at the sexual cat and mouse game.

Lexx pens with such intensity that it forces you to experience and relish the raw and carnal desire that Morgan himself is feeling. Despite the lack of feeling other than the strong desire to win, I connected well with Mr. Parker and actually egged him on. I’d say it was a draw between the two in the end, a draw with a spine-tingling effect.

Excitement, rivalry and panty wetting scenes of an office affair will keep you turning the pages of this amazing book and wishing there was simply more of it in the end.

5 Light Bulbs


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