The journey of Kissing Cassie.

My latest release Kissing Cassie was delivered (hopefully) into the hands of readers yesterday. For me, it was a beautiful moment. It’s been a whopping fifteen months since my last book Falling into You came out.


Poor Cassie and Jared were thrown in and out of my mind so many times that I’m surprised it’s ever seen the light of day. I started writing it almost immediately after finishing Falling into You, the story was born from a dream I had the night before going on holiday to the island of Majorca. It involved Alexander Skarsgard, me and my old office under the stairs. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. I wrote up the full plot whilst I was on holiday and all Cassie had to do was wait for the end of Falling into You to come.


During that writing time a lot happened, by then I was working full-time, had two children to care for. My daughter started school just before we moved house. The house move is an entire story by itself and can be found somewhere on this blog. It was traumatic to say the least.


Anyway, I managed to finish around January and started editing right away. It went to two beta readers, Ameel Koro and Glenda Hutchings. They both offered sound and extensive advice, after so much re-writing it definitely needed another read through. It landed in the hands of Allan Coulton, Nicci Skelding, Darlene Suber, Nicole Kiyo and Lynn Mulligan Peterson. I made a few further fixes from there and read it what felt like a million times. Then I began the most terrifying task of any writers life…I submitted to publishers.


I had an offer within a few days. If Cassie was going to a home, it had to be a good one. After further investigation I reached the decision that neither she or I belonged there. I was then to suffer the pain of rejection on several occasions. One in particular made me want to throw it in the bin.

On the 26th of June my dreams came true. I had an offer from an excellent publisher. One that I knew I’d be more than happy to work with!


This is where being an indie author and a published author becomes very different. I’m a self-confessed control freak. Lets just say, RP were amazing, and I’m confident that they’ve helped make Kissing Cassie the best she possibly can be. Michele Paulin is my editor and I adore her, she helped what could have been a rocky transition for me as smooth as glass <3. The fact that this was my first time writing contemporary romance, and third person, became abundantly clear throughout the editing process. I wanted to punch myself several times!


I really hope you’ll see the difference in my writing, I’d be really interested in your thoughts. In good old L.T. Kelly fashion, I’m still a little non-conformist and I love a good twist ;).

So without further rambling. Here goes. Introducing Kissing Cassie…

Kissing Cassie

This Hollywood heart throb doesn’t know how to take no for an answer and is willing to leap any hurdle to get the woman he wants…

When high school drama teacher Cassie Thornton finds herself drowning in a failing marriage, she struggles to get her head above water. Her husband, Robert, is a workaholic science professor at Oxford University with a sordid secret. After eight years of marriage, Robert’s blatant disinterest in her forces Cassie to demand they go on a vacation, hoping it will reunite them.

Gorgeous Jared Peterson is the cream of Hollywood actors. His squeaky clean image, coupled with his outstanding results at the box office, has earned him respect industry wide. That’s until his cunning fiancé and co-star goes on a rampage, setting out to destroy his reputation. How else could he cope with her betrayal except to escape Tinseltown?

When Cassie and Jared meet on the island of Majorca, it sparks a life changing chemistry between them. Jared refuses to continue with his career without her by his side. Cassie must decide whether to give up life as she knows it or leave it all behind to give their love a chance.

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6 thoughts on “The journey of Kissing Cassie.

  1. Hey there L T .. I had all the faith in the world in you. I knew from reading it I was going to find a home and so were you.So proud of you and Kissing Cassie!!! You ROCK & GO GIRL!!!

  2. Oh Lucy are you ever a control freak!!! I’ve been on the receiving end of that.
    I’ve downloaded & paid for the book, re read it in one sitting last night and I’m still amazed with the story. It left me wanting you to return to their story. Yes I know where you are going with the next book but still think you might return to Jared & Cassie in the future.

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