***COVER REVEAL*** Kissing Cassie by ME!

Kissing Cassie

Title: Kissing Cassie

Author: L.T. Kelly

Genre: Contemporary romance

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing

Release date: 26th of August 2015

Add to your Goodreads TBR shelf: https://goo.gl/3AaLUy

I’m so insanely happy to present this cover for your viewing pleasure.

Admittedly, I was terrified about how this would turn out. I was used to selecting my own photographs and having control over every aspect of the process working in conjunction with a freelance designer.

My conversion from indie to publishing house has been quite smooth so far. That’s despite me shuffling around in the dark and feeling clueless. My editor as been amazing! We’re so completely on the same wavelength, that really shone through during the cover making process.

The cover designers over at Resplendence are receptive and understanding. They want their authors to love their covers. I adore mine.

Within ten minutes of it dropping in my inbox I ordered an poster size image. I can’t wait for it to be framed and next to my other titles on my office wall!

I hope you all love my cover as much as I do!  Join me on FB and Twitter to help me share it and grab your chance to WIN a $5 Amazon gift card!


When high school drama teacher Cassie Thornton finds herself drowning in a failing marriage, she struggles to get her head above water. Her husband, Robert, is a workaholic science professor at Oxford University with a sordid secret. After eight years of marriage, Robert’s blatant disinterest in her forces Cassie to demand they go on a vacation, hoping it will reunite them.

Gorgeous Jared Peterson is the cream of Hollywood actors. His squeaky clean image, coupled with his outstanding results at the box office, has earned him respect industry wide. That’s until his cunning fiancé and co-star goes on a rampage, setting out to destroy his reputation. How else could he cope with her betrayal except to escape Tinseltown?

When Cassie and Jared meet on the island of Majorca, it sparks a life changing chemistry between them. Jared refuses to continue with his career without her by his side. Cassie must decide whether to give up life as she knows it, or leave it all behind to give their love a chance.


Facebook: https://goo.gl/uWDDiw

Twitter: @ltkelly2

2 thoughts on “***COVER REVEAL*** Kissing Cassie by ME!

  1. I am INSANELY EXCITED for your book to be released! The cover is perfect! Can’t wait to leave reviews on Amazon and goodreads!

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