***REVIEW*** The Art Of Going Home by Nicole Sorrell

For the first time in a decade, Maddie Chandler returns to her small home due to the unexpected death of her surrogate mother, her beloved “Aunt” Ceci. To deal with her overwhelming grief she finds herself relying on the steadfast strength of her high school crush, local attorney Zac Redondo. Though she scolds herself for depending on him so much, she can’t seem to find the strength to resist their mutual attraction.

During her visit, Maddie is haunted by childhood memories of her twin sister Angeline, who was killed at the age of ten. She is persuaded to investigate the unsolved murder only because she fears refusal will threaten her very sanity. Her mother eventually succumbed to mental illness after Angeline’s death, and Maddie is terrified she will also be overcome by madness. Her inquiries into her sister’s case uncover years of deceptions that were maintained to safeguard her from the brutal truth. Not only is her life threatened by her pursuit of justice for her twin, it ultimately causes her world to shatter.

Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, Maddie’s personal journey exposes her vulnerabilities as she struggles to accept the love of the man who holds the key to her future happiness. While coping with the hostilities of her estranged father she discovers the true meaning of family from a boisterous clan that is not linked to her by blood, and unwittingly strengthens the fragile bond with the one relative she was determined to say goodbye to forever.

This novel is intended for mature readers.

I went into this book a little unsure, this is going to sound fickle, but I judge books by their covers and having read the blurb for this one I wasn’t sure that I ‘got’ it. Having read the book, I still don’t. I’m not a huge fan of the cover and it really doesn’t speak to me.
This is an intricate tale of a small town misfit, Maddie. She fled to a big city having spent most of her life being accused of her twin sisters murder.
Maddie returns to town following the death of someone she held dear, and straight into the arms of her surrogate family, namely the gorgeous Zac.
The author clearly displays the characters in the way they are meant to be received, most notably Maddie’s mother and father, they are completely weird. This story is a lovely tale woven with a beautiful romance and a harrowing mystery.
I thoroughly enjoyed the plot, I found it captivating and unpredictable, and the romantic aspects kept the story deliciously buoyant throughout.
There are twists and turns in this novel that will continually keep you guessing, as well as a sizzling romance that will have you pulling at your collar.
The only problem for me, aside from the cover was, the high volume of seemingly insignificant untied up mysteries, such as who trashed Maddie’s house? She never even returned to the house before she returned home? I found that a little strange? Just little aspects like that made me wonder if they would be covered in a future title, and wether such things would spur me on to read the next book?
The deep routed problems that became unearthed during this story had me in tears, and although initially devastated by those events Maddie seemed to make an almost too quick recovery from the mentally earth shattering discoveries. I found it a tad unbelievable and cold.
The paranormal ghost connection was a beautiful part of the tale that I loved. The frankness of Maddie’s voice was refreshing and the mystery element kept me suitably intrigued. I highly recommend this book to any lovers of the mystery romance genre.
I award The Art Of Going Home three friendly ghosts.
Thats three stars to everyone else!
Author Bio:
Nicole resides in the rural mid-west of the United States. After living in various parts of the country and travelling abroad, she recently moved into the very same home in which she grew up. She enjoys country living as much as the culture of the big city, and looks forward to touring more of the world in the near future. Her constant companion is a tiny Yorkshire terrier name Georgie
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