An opportunity to save one persons faith.

Well, that one persons faith happens to be mine. If I’m honest, I’ve sort of lost it. I always try to help people out. I know some of you will roll your eyes and think that you’ve been waiting at least a century for me to read and review your book. That’s because I’m a do gooding beta reader, as well as working full time and being a wife and mother! I’m getting to you, I swear! 🙂

So, what I’ve come here today to ask is that if there are any bloggers out there that would be willing to post a promo post on Friday or Saturday this week please shoot me a message via the contact me section, or at my Facebook page.

Also, if there are any authors that can spare an e-book contribution or anything else for the giveaway I’d be eternally grateful. Of course, I can offer you FB page likes, or twitter followings in exchange for your kind and gratefully excepted offering. I find giveaways often offer great exposure to your work as well!

Any authors and/or bloggers willing and able please get in touch!


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