Sorry, I’ve been away!

Well, what a ride it’s been! I’ve been away from the blog for a while now. I couldn’t even find the time to say I wasn’t accepting review requests!

My husband retired from the military in August. We lived in a military owned house and originally planned to buy a brand new house off plot. There was something niggling at me about buying that house. I can’t say for sure what it was…but it was there like a big black storm cloud hanging over my head. Anyway, the house was due to be built in November this year. I then got wind that the developer had been struggling to get houses built by the date they said they would be built by. We would have been pushing our luck hugely with defence estates by staying in our married quarter, let alone any time after November.

I totally lost it. Pushed by fear, and of course intuition we started looking at what was on the market and set up appointments to see houses. When you make appointments with estate agents (or realtors) you suddenly get bombarded with information on other properties in the area.

I was getting my nails done, in a mortgage free kind of way 😉 when I saw it. Now, call me insane but we’d been looking at new properties all under ten years old, but when I saw it I knew. The property was built in 1820 and I loved it. As soon as I got home I showed my husband who agreed it was okay.

The pictures of the place were amazing and I was imagining myself in that house already. My husband had become pessimistic about pictures taken by estate agents, understandably so, we’d been to see a house that very day that looked gorgeous, but when we arrived it was an expensive hovel, and that’s being kind.


The estate agent tried to put us off the house because it’s on a main road, the problem is that most period properties are on a main road which is why they were built there in the first place, long before  there was the volume of traffic that we have nowadays.

Anyway, we went to see the house and we absolutely loved it. The owner stated that she was surprised to get an offer from us because we were only there for ten minutes!

When you’re looking to find your dream home you think actually finding it is the hard part…how wrong could I be…


Getting a mortgage is one of the hardest things we’ve ever faced as a couple. That’s not to say that we haven’t been through hard times, we have, but we truly were in this together.

We held our breaths after our offer had been accepted and tread water hoping and praying that my husband would get a job offer. Step one…he was successful. We were overjoyed.

Step two…a five hour appointment where they went through all of our incomes and outgoings. It’s like someone going through your knicker draw, or worse your bedside cabinet (maybe that’s just me ;)).

We received notification that we had been successful, I’d been at a lunchtime function with my husband that day. I cried my eyes out and proceeded to get leathered. The pictures aren’t pretty!

Next, there were some technical issues, some of which I still don’t understand. It put a delay on everything and meant that the mortgage offer had to go back to the surveyors and then the underwriters. By this point we were living amongst head high boxes, we’d changed our removal date three times. I bought a ton of old furniture and shabby chic’ed the life out of it. The colour of every wall emblazoned in my mind. Paint and accessories paid for and packed away ready for our dream home. What could possibly go wrong?

After a long twelve hour shift I arrived home on a Friday evening to a very grey, sickly looking husband who’d received an e-mail from our mortgage advisor saying that our mortgage offer had been withdrawn. Considering we’d been ready to move on the following Monday this was the last straw. I arrived at work on Saturday morning whilst my husband was at the bank trying to pull everything back. I couldn’t function, couldn’t even speak without bursting into tears. Of course, my boss sent me home. I was lucky she was there that day.

I went home, feeling sick, tired, and withdrawn. How was this happening to us? I looked at my kids and was overcome with guilt and fear. Were we going to be homeless? We started looking at rental properties through sad eyes. Friends and family offered words of reassurance but they didn’t do anything to take away the pain we were living through.

The following Tuesday the offer was reinstated! Phew! We were on it like a car bonnet, we moved on Thursday that week…that wasn’t the last of our problems though, the previous owner tried to delay despite having given the go ahead previously. Luckily about five different people used their powers of persuasion to display how she’d made a statement and then withdrew it, hadn’t we been through enough?

So, since then I’ve been stuck with a paint brush in my hand, or a knife to open a box…it’s all been a whirlwind but I’m happy to say that we’re all settled in our new home. It’s beautiful…

I can tell you though, it’s very strange going from this…


To this…


But hey, I’m back now. I have been reading whilst I’ve been away and I’ve got plenty of reviews to post!

2 thoughts on “Sorry, I’ve been away!

  1. Hi Lucy,

    Hope the shock/stress factor has declined somewhat now.

    Please will you change my e-mail address to:- I no longer have a bt account and they keep telling me they are going to close my bt e-mail account. Not happened yet but I would hate to loose touch with your humerous and enlightening blogs, plus the announcement of your next instalment, which will, considering your circumstances, be some time yet. (Don’t let the buggers grind you down)

    Best Wishes to you and your family.

    Kind Regards

    Allan Coulton.

    Sent from Windows Mail

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