***REVIEW*** Point of Submission by Remy Landon



Cassandra Larsen is not the type to give in. But Carlo Leone is not the type to give up. The 27 year old CEO of a prominent industrial company, Carlo is rich. Powerful. And devastatingly handsome. Tragic events in his past have caused him to be guarded, to view women as playthings in a provocative game he and his colleague created. When Carlo meets 21 year old Cassandra at the horse stable he owns, he is instantly drawn to her beauty and feisty nature, but beneath her spunk, there is vulnerability and want. She will be a challenge–a perfect candidate for the contest. 

Wary of relationships due to her rocky history, Cassandra is determined to resist Carlo’s smoldering eyes and maddening charm. Will she surrender? And will Carlo discover that this has become more than just a game–before it’s too late?


I was approached by the author and asked to review this new release. I loved the sound of the book, so I purchased it.

This title sounded right up my street, it had the makings of a story that I love to love; a gorgeous, rich and dominant man. A heroine who can hold her own, and is suffering her own mental torment.

Now, I’m not sure if I’ve just read too many of these books with the same base plot or not? But, when I finished this book I just felt disappointed. I spent the book waiting for a twist or something new, something I hadn’t read before in another book of its ilk.

Don’t get me wrong, the characters were great and I didn’t fail to connect with any of them. Though, I really wanted Cassandra to stand up for herself. I was begging for it. The hero, Carlo leaves the girl hanging with weeks in between their meetings. She just takes it on the chin and never says a word. She gives in to him at every turn and never says a word. I wanted to punch some fight into her, even just a sliver.

Carlo is hot and there is a hint at his troubled past. That’s how he becomes involved in a competition with his work colleague, Brock. I think this was a competition to get women to fully submit to the men, wether thats the first one to get the women to submit, or the one who gets the women to go the furthest, I’m unsure? Anyway, Brock turns out to be a villain. Though, I guessed that pretty much as soon as he appeared in the story.

What I’m saying is that I found the plot very predictable, I spent the reading time waiting for something new and refreshing to occur. A twist on the norm, but it never happened.

What disappointed me the most was that this author is clearly the master of her craft. Her writing is smooth and seamless. I didn’t even skip one sentence, that rarely happens. She executes each characters feelings, each scene setting, EVERY SINGLE LAST SEX SCENE (yes, I meant to write that in capitals), with utter perfection. Everything about her writing style appealed to me.

I usually clamber to write a review following finishing a book, I didn’t want to write this one because this author does rock and I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was bad mouthing her. I personally think that Landon may just pull something out of the bag in the next book of the series. She’s just too good not to. And, I will read it.

The cover art called to me, the authors writing style and characters are amazing. It was simply the base plot that failed to reach me. Bearing all that in mind, and not forgetting the overall enjoyment I got from reading this book I award Point of Submission.

Three horses and a foal – a 3.5 star rating.

(in keeping with the horsey nature of the book)



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One thought on “***REVIEW*** Point of Submission by Remy Landon

  1. Thank You Lucy, I like your reviews. You are very honest with your views. You being an author(ess?) obviously give much more credence to your views and you are not afraid to say when the books don’t come up to expectations.

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