Just getting something off my chest.

On Saturday night I foolishly became embroiled in an argument on Facebook in regard to an argument about the blog post “Why indie authors still suck.”

The person who posted it saying she got his point. She is, of course, entitled to her opinion.

I will admit I could see his underlying point. However, it was doused with sweeping statements, offensiveness, diatribe and negativity. That was my issue and I made that clear.

Unfortunately, the best form of defence is attack, and thats what happened. The people this article was aimed at would have completely shut their eyes and brain off to what the blogger said. This was the point I was trying to make on the Facebook thread.

I made the point that the blog was about as effective as a badly written indie book. The post was as badly written as the aforementioned as well.

Just to clarify. I understand what the blogger was saying. As a bottom line he was saying he is fed up of bad writing. He’s annoyed that people are producing badly composed stories and hitting ‘publish’ and blindly believing that MS’s Word spelling and grammar check is editing.

I totally agree, but, those books soon get found out for what they are. They are revealed for what they are rather quickly by reviews. The purchaser can usually tell by the sample, or they can return the book for a full refund. Who has lost? No-one. Yes, I agree that it brings the name of indie authors down. Having said that, most sensible people will see the work for what it is and pay little attention to it, other than maybe complain about it via social media.

The absolute bottom line of it was that indie authors should be attempting to be as professional as their publishing house counterparts. I agree every author should have an editor and a cover designer at the very least. Thats my personal opinion and I wouldn’t force it down anyones throat. Why? Because, frankly my dear I don’t give a damn. If someone doesn’t want my advice, thats fine. Who am I to give it anyway?

I was accused by someone on that Facebook thread of not understanding what the blogger was saying. As you can see I did understand it. Did I want it sugarcoated? No. I did what was advised in that post. Do I think it was a pathetic, offensive and useless rant. Yes.

However, the person on that thread, who is apparently a traditionally published author told me that I was ‘mentally challenged’. I told her she was being personal and she came back at me ‘Enjoy wearing your helmet and licking windows.’ or words to that effect.

The original poster of the comment then wrote a blog post which basically said that she was shocked by an indie authors attack of the blogger and the way the indie author acted was embarrassing and unprofessional.

I’d just like to say, I think the fact that you support such ineffective diatribe is embarrassing. I also think to call me unprofessional is a low blow considering the abuse I took from your ‘friend’ who I found to be unprofessional. At no point was I personal at all.

I was trying to make a point, so was she. All I was trying to say was…’what was the point of that?’ If the point was to seriously annoy people then the blogger succeeded.

Glad to get that off my chest.

6 thoughts on “Just getting something off my chest.

  1. I’m sorry you had to go through that, but unfortunately the internet is the place where people feel they can say vicious, outrageous and often very insulting things without having to answer for their behaviour. What they don’t seem to realise is that you can be handed legal action for such behaviour these days. They are still thinking like the old days of the internet forums where often people were bullied and harassed to the point where they were desperate. I had the same thing happen to me when I was admin on a forum and another forum who thought they were in opposition decided to wage war. I wasn’t the only one who suffered, but in those days, people just said whatever they liked, even if it wasn’t true, especially if it wasn’t true.

    I often flounce regularly from Facebook for a couple of days for that very reason. I find that unless I do, I suffer both mentally and physically. You think you have chosen your friends carefully. You join groups and think that the people are like minded and will debate like adults and the next thing you know you are in the centre of a shit storm and you’re sitting behind your computer, bewildered and thinking what the hell happened there?

    There ARE a lot of Indie authors publishing now who don’t have their manuscripts professionally edited or they join these little conglomerate companies that have sprang up who offer certain services, but they are at heart self publishing. I stress that there is nothing wrong with that. The authors have the best of both worlds, the company gives their books a publisher name and it costs them and the author nothing. However they do offer some editing services which sometimes are not so good.

    I learned my lesson after my first book, published through a US publisher in Wyoming USA. their editor was supposed to edit the book and I suppose he or she did, up to a point. When the book was finally in print I saw many errors, including the formatting of the dialogue, were still there despite me having corrected them. I was mortified, but because I had given them the rights to the book for a two year contract, I could do nothing but ask for a second edition to be published, to no avail. The rights have now reverted back to me and belong to my own company now and I can now put that edition out. However I wonder just how badly this affected me and my book and am I now going to have a bad reputation as an author because of this? Time will tell I guess.

    People ARE vicious, they ARE nasty, they ARE self-righteous, they ARE filled with contempt for everyone who they think is lower than they are. You can’t just put their vitriol down to them being jealous, because in fact we as a species are now openly showing the colours we have always worn in secret while pretending to be nice people. The internet and applications like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogs have given us this ability and instead of stopping and thinking about whether we might hurt anyone by our viciousness, we instead gaily leap in to rip other people apart.There is no solution to this because you cannot make the human species humane. We aren’t that any more and never will be again, much to my utter sadness.

    This human world creates human monsters.

    • The person who attacked me was trying to say if this is the way I behave what would I do in response to a bad review.
      I’m not small minded enough to think I’ll never get a bad review. I undoubtedly will.
      I make it my absolute policy NEVER to reply to a review, good or bad. That is unprofessional.
      The person was vicious and I’m just glad I managed to hold my own. I tried to turn it into a bit of a joke because I could believe she was saying I was mentally challenged purely because I didn’t agree with her. I was stupidly trying to make her see why I didn’t. I was stupid, not mentally challenged.

  2. (teasing comment) But aren’t you from the equivalent of West Virginia? “Ah gots ta have mah tatteies, paw!”

    (Serious comment) Unfortunately, you have idiots and assholes no matter where you go. I find it is best, when attacks become personal, is to repeat what they just said a couple times – with quotes- , and then follow up with, “Reeeeaaalllyy. And I’m the window licker. Good to know.” It’s a slow, yet devastating, burn. 😀

  3. “Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.” from Max Ehrman’s famous prose poem “Desiderata”. Those are the FB friends you should drop, and the comments you hould delete….

  4. First, be aware there are bullies on line and especially in the book review department. Many are librarians on a popular reader’s site. They go to great lengths to make personal attacks on indie authors in general with apparent reader reviews that make it obvious they didn’t read the book. Such self-righteous behavior can’t be stopped by us, except to ignore it for what it is and move on. Any response is fodder for them to attack and they lap it up like the fodder-eaters they are. So get off the defense end, don’t put them on the defense and make your comments separately, elsewhere (like I’m doing here). And, not all Indie authors are bad writers, but I can only speak for myself and those I’ve read. Some with good reviews and a following are not that polished, but they’ll get better. It’s a different publishing world and with only 5 big publishers still afloat, Indie is the future.

  5. I avoid arguments on Facebook. One friend who regularly engaged in heated FB debates eventually lost several friends and became one of “those” people on FB. The ones’ whose posts you don’t comment on because you fear an attack is to follow. Some people can’t accept that you just want to speak your mind, and don’t want to engage in an argument – and they get nasty. I’m sorry to hear that you encountered Mr. Nasty Pants (no relation to me, btw).

    As far as indie authors go, I just recently returned from a week-long writing conference and about a quarter of the workshops dealt with indie publishing. I was surprised because two years ago, this particular writing organization refused to even discuss indie publishing, like it was the blood that had stained Lady Macbeth’s hands and could never be washed away if mentioned in polite company. Rather, it turns out that traditional publishers are mining authors from the indie trenches. Want an agent? Publish a successful indie book and you’ll have your pick; you may not even have the opportunity because a publisher may try to nab you first. You’re right in that indie publishing has muddied the quality of the literary waters, but the murkiest depths tend to also yield the most surprises.

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